Saturday, 12 February 2011

As you may know Nathanial had cataract surgery in his left eye back in August. Before the operation his vision in his left eye was minimal, if he put his hand right up to his face he couldn't see it, so lets say that the vision in his left eye was not useful. However the vision in his right eye was perfect. We went back to the opthalmologist in November for check ups and to determine what his vision was post-op. The Dr was astounded how much his vision had improved! He will be able to drive however being a pilot for the airforce is off limits (which isn't necessarily a bad thing in this mother's heart!!).
Nathanial has been coming home a lot upset and distraught because the older boys and girls have been teasing him about his patch. This really upsets me as a mother, to know that my child is being ridiculed, teased and bullied. Nathanial is the sweetest boy, and would never seek out someone to hurt them or cause them upset. So, for him to come home very nurt about this upsets me.
After our most recent trip to the hospital for a check up, there was no improvement in his vision! He has been taking his patch off at school and hiding it and has broken his glasses, accidentally on purpose (!!!) a few times because of the way other children are treating him at school. I know how cruel children can be, and it's up to us to teach our children how they are going to react to that and what Jesus would want them to do. Nathanial knows that the best thing to do is to walk away and to report to an adult what is going on. Easier said than done! But he is being very brave and thanks to the new monkey patch he got from the hospital he is more than eager to wear his patch!
The latest report from the Dr suggests that although there has been no improvement as of late, there is still time for his eye to improve. He will need surgery in a few years to correct the squint. He will also never have binocular vision (where both eyes work together). Should a cataract occur in the right eye however - his left eye will still be functional.

I believe in a God of miracles though and he can give Nathanial monocular vision. I will continue to pray for that miracle. I will continue to pray for Nathanial's heart and that he would learn to react to the teasing in a way that pleases God and we will continue to pray for them that cause us pain and hurt.

Aren't these patches fun?!

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