Friday, 22 October 2010

Praise God!

Nathanial had another operation on Thursday last week to remove the stitches in his eye and for the opthalmalogist to perform a check up on his eye. He had to be put under this time. Poor kid - he fought all the way to the operating room and it took 4 of us to hold him down with the mask on!! He has another appointment in 6 weeks then it should just be check ups every YEAR!!!!
The Drs were very pleased with the progress made and his vision his almost as good as new with his glasses on - which is amazing since he was very close to being blind!!!1 Praise God.

Things don't seem to be moving forward adoption wise. Waiting for somebody to forward something to someone else! Having asked multiple times it still hasnt been done!!! We are also waiting on a decision regarding Nathanial's status here and whether we will be able to stay here or not. I am trusting in God and know that this situation is in His hands, and we will go wherever He calls us to be. Quite frankly I don't mind having to go back to Uganda, I will do it with a happy heart. It would be nice to know however that we would be able to come back here if either one of us should become sick or if we need to return to the UK if someone here becomes sick.

So its just a waiting game at the moment.
Meanwhile we are having lots of fun here.
I took Nathanial to the park the other day and it took him about 5 mins to learn to ride his bike without stabilisers!!! He just needs to grasp stopping without throwing himself off the bike!!! :D

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Mama in Uganda said...


Thanks for your recent blog comment. Maybe we can email more about this {}?

It feels good to know I am not alone. Although it is hard knowing other mama's struggle daily too.

Choosing to love today, at this moment.

Love and hugs from the North,

P.S. When do you head back?