Monday, 27 September 2010

Nathanial is a school boy!

Lots of things have been happening since I last posted!
The biggest thing is that Nathanial has started school. The first few weeks he went for just half a day and last week he started going full time. He really really loves it there. Although he is way ahead already academically, there are lots of other things that he needs to catch up on, for example just playing and being a kid! He has made lots of friends already
The other news is that I have a job! I have been job searching since we arrived in the UK almost a year ago, if I had got a job at that point, it would have meant putting Nathanial into childcare which would cost me most of my salary! Also I would probably not have been able to keep the job considering how ill Nathanial has been and how appointments we have had at LRI. Anyway, the week Nathanial starts school fulltime I get a job! God is good! We means that I was able to drop him off and pick him up from school. The job is school hours sort of and I get unpaid school holidays which is great. Just perfect!

Nathanials eye has shown great improvement and he only has to wear his patch after school.


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