Monday, 6 October 2008

How is that Nathanial can poo in his nappy,get out of bed, take his PJ's and nappy off, wipe himself clean, find a clean nappy and put it on himself, then put his PJ's back on and get back in bed - all of this in the dark - and making as little noise as possible so Mummy next door cant hear....yet he can't get out of bed and go and sit on the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took him to the doctor today and he has been diagnosed with Anemia - which results from the Kwashikor - which he is still recovering from. I am presuming that he has had Anemia for a long time. So now I am giving him Iron supplements and will try and feed him foods which contain lots of iron.

Court on Wednesday - have all docs so should go well.

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Roisin said...


I hope you have now successfully passed court!
I am a single Irish woman and mum to an ethiopian boy adopted at 18 months! I am so interested in your progress in Uganda and in any adoption law changes. Please keep posting.

Nathaniel is stunningly gorgeous!

God Bless.