Friday, 5 September 2008


On Monday sometime the King of Busoga died. Busoga is the region on which we live. I think he died from cancer and he was about 80. So now this coming Monday (the first day of the school year) has been declared a day of mourning - a national holiday. So no school Monday - we start Tuesday instead. Some (most) of the teachers are happy about this - I however feel like its just delaying the inevitable and quite frankly would like to get the first day back over and down with so I know that I am worrying and loosing sleep over nothing!
As we were in town many people flocked to the streets to watch the hearse make its way for burial. I didn't even know there was a King!

The weather here is getting a lot warmer - the sun was so bright this morning, but then it got a little cooler and then this evening it is quite cool. I still have a cold - I figure its allergies so I think I am will be taking allergy medicine on a daily basis now.

I have noticed that Nathanial treats Ugandans very differently to how he treats 'Mzungus'! He often goes upto a random Mzungu and holds there hand and calls them auntie or uncle! However with Ugandans he is shy and withdrawn! He also know that he can wrap Ugandans round his little finger, treat them very unkindly and speak very rudely to them. I think I know where he gets it from! - (and no it's not me!)
The last few days whilst Amy has been in Kampala Peace has been looking after her boys, I left Nathanial there to play - since I had so much work to do at school. The minute I walked back in there to pick him up I heard the way he spoke to her and the way he ignored her when she asked him not to do something. He would never dream of doing that with me or with any of my Mzungu friends - at least not to the extent he was doing it with her - and the way he talks to her sometimes - it shocks me!
He has two Ugandan ladies teaching him in nursery - and I hope he learns soon that he can't treat them that way, talk to them in that way or direspect them in that way - and I know that the main nursery teacher will certainly not let him get away with it and I glad for that.
Its quite a common thing actually for Ugandan kids and Mzungu kids whose families have Ugandans working for them to behave like this. Personally it shocks me and I hope that Nathanial will soon learn better and that I would be a good role model for him.

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