Saturday, 26 July 2008

growing already!

Nights are a lot better now - Nathanial only wakes up one or two times with screaming nightmares (as oppose to every hour). He is more easily consoled and will get back into bed (without needing Mummy to lie on!) and will fall asleep more easily.

I have given Nathanial one dose of worm medication (with another dose to follow in a week) and his belly is already looking considerably smaller! My friend Amy also thinks that he has grown - I have started marking on the wall his height and the date and I am excited to see him sprout!

Nathanial is a lot happier these last few days than he has been this past week. He woke up in a very good mood this morning and we spent time together singing and dancing! His favourite song is 'Alive' - Alive, alive my Jesus is alive. Alive for evermore - sing Hallelujah. He loves that song. I walked into the kitchen the other day and he was singing 'God is good to me'!

He is generally a good little boy and obedient but like all kids he tries to push it to see how far he can go - I hope he's learnt that he can't!

He's absolutely petrified of dogs! He screams whenever he sees one and runs away - which the dogs only see as a game so obviously they chase after him! I try not to make a big deal over his fear - if he sees a dog I don't immediately go and pick him up, I just hold his hand and let him know that it's ok. I mean what will happen when we can go home to the UK and half of my friends have dogs?! I suppose that because he's so small the dogs look enormous to him! They also have picked up on the fear of the Mamas at the baby home.

On Monday holiday club starts here at the school so we wont have free reign over the school, but at least we can still use the kitchen.

Today we went to the fisheries to see the crocodiles - I don't think Nathanial thought they were real because they weren't moving at all!



jena said...

We'll be heading your way in three weeks! I love that picture. He is just so cute. Thankful he is sleeping better. Take care!

isabelle said...

Wow - you got a court date?! Congratulations!!!!!!!!