Wednesday, 30 July 2008

30 July 2008

All is well on this side of the world. The rainy season is starting - so its not too hot at the moment - which is nice - I even have to wear a sweatshirt in the mornings and evenings and a fleece at night.

Nathanial has grown in the last 4 days - and someone that hadn't seen him in a few week said he looked like a completely different child! So it's nice to know that his change in diet is paying off and that the worm medication is working.

Nathanial appears to be a very angelic and charming child on the outside - but he is so stubborn and is proving to be very disobedient! But he is learning and discovering that being obedient can be fun and rewarding! It's hard to have to be both loving and dish out discipline - but I know how important discipline is especially for kids like Nathanial who have had no discipline in at least the last year - and he's fighting it because he's old enough to understand that before he could manipulate people to get what he wanted, to scream and threw fits and be disobedient - and now he understands that he can't and he's not liking it!!! But, when he's my age he might be grateful and understand why it has to be done - or maybe at least when he has kids of his own!

He now has no more nightmares - or hasn't had any in a couple of nights. He normally sleeps through and will lay quietly in his bed - and not cry - when awake at 1am! and will soon drift off back to sleep! He has a cough and tries to milk it - forces himself to cough - so that I come and see if he is ok - that worked once - but never again! and you can tell when he's milking it!

I'm trying to encourage Nathanial to play more - at the babies home a lot of them don't really play they just spend all the time glued to a volunteers lap - and I think that's what he done most of the time. If Nathanial had is way he would be stuck to my lap 24/7! Obviously he starts nursery in September - so he will not be able to constantly sit on someone's knee all the time.

He has a little pouty face most of the time - I guess he's not really pouting or being mardy that's just the way his face is - I suppose he's much like his Mum! Who isn't pouting or being mardy (most of the time) that just how my face is!!

Nathanial eats just about everything that I give him - if he doesn't like something he will leave it till last - or eat it really slowly. Sometimes he will tell me he's done (and usually he's eaten the meat and left the veg), so I tell him that he will have to eat it tomorrow in that case for lunch. I don't like to make him eat it all because I am trying to teach him to tell me when he's full up - if I let him he would eat till he threw up! Yesterday at a friends house he ate a bowl of salad! But I guess he would because I told him when he had finished there was meat! At the babies home they dont encourage the kids to eat their veg and I know that Nathanial would pick all his veg out, so he would only eat the meat and starch - at least we don't have that problem at home anymore!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing warmer in the Uk than Uganda who'd have thought it! Keep up the good work it's very challenging being a mum! Love from Jo. North Wales