Friday, 13 June 2008

THE LEARNING PAPER --get invovled in helping to educate young Ugandans

visit: excellent initiative

£3 provides a child with the Learning Paper for one year of schooling.

I did an assembly at St.Georges school - they are closely linked with the learning paper and have strong ties - they write some of the lessons...

I think this learning paper is excellent - it is written in both English and Lugandan.

I personally hope to get invovled with this project whilst I am teaching in Uganda.

Find out more about it - visit the website....


Anonymous said...

hi isabelle - its hilary from penmaenmawr - i found your blog through miriam's and have been watching for updates ever since. i looked up the learning paper like you said to - looks a good site/charity - simple but effective. have donated, signed up for their email and forwarded address to kumar. will try and think of others to send it to when i'm not so sleepy! blessings to you in your scary/thrilling adventure - nice to know God's behind you - there's gotta be a way and whatever he decides it will be the best - have asked him to remind me to pray for you. (don't know what the different identities are about so have gone for anonymous.)

isabelle said...

Hi Hilary - thanks for your donation- you have undoubtedly changed the lives of several children and given them some hope for the future!

Thanks for your prayers they are always welcome and greatly appreciated!

Blessings to you and Kumar and the 'kids'.