Thursday, 29 May 2008

4 weeks to go!!!

...I could easily panic at the thought of only having 4 weeks left! Where have the past 5 months gone?!

Someone said to me the other day 'I couldn't just go to Africa and pick an orphan -- that's awful! I'd want to take them all home!' - obviously I would if I could!
- and as for 'picking' an orphan! - God choose Nathanial to be in my family long before he was even born - as was I choosen to be in my family long before I was born!

I am blessed that God wants me to be this little mans Mum. I didn't 'pick' him! God allowed us to have a special bond so that I would understand that I was to be his Mum. God 'picked' him for me and me for him. Although it's rather hard explaining that to a non-believer!!

I'm sure a lot of people think I'm crazy or stupid - but that's fine - I don't expect everyone to understand - I don't expect people to think that what I am doing is good - indeed I have had a few people tell me that it isnt!

Anyway, once again the adoption stuff has become extremely complication! Putting everything into jeopardy! However, I am still leaving the UK on the 29th June - not sure when Ill be back with Nathanial at this stage - even 4 years is looking like it will take a miracle!!

Please keep me in your prayers as I prepare physically and emotionally to leave home! Its not going to be easy to say goodbye! I thinkg that hardest part wont be leaving the hardest part is not knowing - venturing into a world of uknowns and uncertainties!


Anonymous said...

You and your sister are so amazing. I had a friend in Penmaenmawr who adopted a little girl from South Africa years ago. She just brought her back to Pen. and sorted out the legalities after. I'm not suggesting that you do that cos I know times have changed. As far as I know things have worked out for them and she now lives in the South of England somewhere with her adoptive parents and her younger brother and sister who were both born in Bangor. I hope things work out for you and Nathanial. Love from Jo.xx

isabelle said...

Thanks Jo. I'm just going to trust in God to sort out all the legalities - lol!