Friday, 30 July 2010

the long awaited eye op to remove cataract and eventually hopeully restore all vision i N's left eye...

just to let you all know how Nathanial's op went.

He was in the operating theatre for 3 hours - it was expected that it
would be 1 - 2 hrs. The surgeon wasn't sure whether they would be ableto put in a lens this time around, but they managed to! N was first on
the list, because they didn't want him fasting too long, since his
blood sugar levels may drop. They put him on a drip because they had
dropped too low. We were told that he would be out by the afternoon,
however they decided to keep him in overnight to monitor his blood
sugar levels.
N was a superstar throughout, of course the nurses and Drs had nothing
but good things to say about him, being so brave and cooperative.

They decided to put him to sleep using the mask over the face rather
than an injection. He was sat on my lap when they did it and he was
asleep within 10 secs, after some kicking and screaming :)

He woke up for a few brief moments then slept for another 3 hours!After that he was wide awake and ready to eat and drink.

He was very upset when I told him that we would have to spend the
night in hospital, and had a few melt-downs after that. He refused to
go to sleep for a long while.
I lay next to him and made-up a story (his favourite thing at the
moment) and he fell asleep within a few minutes.

Unfortunately he had to have his blood sugar levels monitored every 2 hours!

We went to see the Dr in the morning, and she explained that surgery
went well, and outlined a plan for the next 6 weeks or so. Lots ofthings that he cant do, and he must wear his patch as much as possible
and an eye-guard 4 at least the next week.

We had a scary moment, when he was looking at a book and he couldn't
read it or see the pictures, I wondered why because he was supposed to
have perfect vision in his right eye, but it seems to have regulated
itself today. His left eye has already started to turn in and the
consultant says that this is inevitable, but will be corrected once
his vision is better.

He will be prescribed glasses soon.
So all in all a successful op. & 1 brave and resilient little man!

thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Ill leave you with 3 photos of the little man...

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