Thursday, 28 January 2010


Hi all. I have had good intentions about updating my blog with some news for a long time - but always seem to get distracted by other things!

I attempted to jazz up my blog a tad - but unfortunately it all went pear-shaped and have since lost the will! Unfortunately I cant get back to how it used to be!

Don't like the look of this blog? Me neither! I am in the process of changing it again!


Auntie Amanda said...

hello! sorry i have been out of touch, my laptop was stolen and i just havent gotten on here as much. i'm so glad to see you and nathaniel doing well. josie lives right down the road! i got to visit when she first arrived but another visit is long overdue for certain.

Sherry said...

Isabelle~Wow, I can't believe how big Nathanial has gotten. He is a beautiful boy with such a big smile. I missed you while you were on a blog break. I love hearing about how you are doing. Bennett is growing so fast and he is also such a smart boy. He is loved by so many and is for sure a good way. God is good and faithful. You sure have a testimony !!!! I don't really blog anymore since I seem to keep up with everyone on facebook. Do you have a facebook page ??
I would love to hear more. Many blessing to you and your boy. Keep the stories coming.


Anonymous said...
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