Wednesday, 18 November 2009

latest and prayer request!

We have been home about 2 weeks now! And sometimes I still cant quite believe it! It is so great to be home! Nathanial has met lots of new people. The library has been closed up until yesterday. So we went yesterday - and Nathanial was amazed at all the books for kids and very excited too! He has his very own library card! He is allowed to take out 24 books - we took 18 out yesterday!

He loves going to the park - and its something we do nearly on a daily basis. We have been on walks through the fields and the woods - and he enjoys that too. We visited the nursery I used to work at (and that I hope to work at whilst I am here), everyone was so surprised to see us!

Nathanials dentist visit went well - they estimated his age to be about 5.
I decided to take him to the opticians - might as well get it all done whilst we are here! Well - the opticians diagnosed him with congenital cataract in his left eye. Which pretty much means that he his more or less blind in that eye! He will need an operation within 6 months in order for him to be able to recover any vision in that eye. The question that remains is whether the NHS will do it for free - or whether we will need to do it privately! Praise the Lord that we were able to detect it before its too late.
It came as a big surprise to the optician - because normally babies are checked for this at birth and then operated immediately, so its 'rare' too see a kid with this in the UK!

Please pray with us that he can get the operation soon.

Thanks :D

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