Monday, 16 March 2009

What a night!

Last night (3am) I received the scariest phone call I have ever received! It went something like this..."Isabelle...the security guard next door says that there are men in your compound with guns!" I don't remember my initial reaction but it was probably something like "Oh" or "Pardon?"
Next door now houses a bunch of Americans working here. One of the guys was blowing a whistle and shouting "Hey get out of here". I rang my neighbour but her phone was on silent. So I shouted for her to wake up. I then had to go outside (yes outside!) to open the gate to let the security guards from next door into our compound and the dog. Just to reassure you, they made sure that there were no robbers on my side of the house, before I stepped out into the dark! (armed with my torch)
The guys next door wanted their guard to fire a shot into the air, but he refused, maybe to scared that they would fire back?
The guards then came into our compound and checked the area ensuring that the men had indeed left. They discovered a hole which had been made in the fence.
The guard kept on assuring me that the men had come to kill us! They said they will either rob you then kill you or kill you and then rob you - of course all of this would be followed by a "don't fear" speech "we are here"
Apparantly the company that the security guard next door works for had sent their mobile unit and one of the men was their 'inspector' - he stank of alcohol, and I made sure to move away from him when he unloaded (?) his shotgun!
I was told afterwards that it took the guards a lot before the men fled, they were shining torches on them, shouting, still they didn't leave. It took a security guard to come onto the compound and a dog before they left!

One of the security guys who stayed outside our compound then called me "Hey Madame, this is the second time you have been robbed?", "yes," I replied, "the second time", then he said "Oh Madame, you give me money for saving your life...". I ended up giving them enough to buy a coke and that was it. After all I was pretty sure they wouldnt leave me be until I did.
I will buy the two security guys from next door a coke each too.

We aren't sure about the motivation of the guys who came into our compound, I would like to say that they came just to rob us, but we aren't sure that was their only motive. Two other times I have been in a house during a robbery, the first time they only had a bow and arrow.

By the way, we are all well. I am a little tired, and I am pretty sure that I wont be sleeping much this week!

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