Wednesday, 20 August 2008



Rod and Amy said...

Hi! I am Erin Littlrton's Mom. Your angst and frustration and the lunacy of the random process is all too familiar!! I am so sorry that you have hit this wall. I will continue to pray that things will go more smoothly and that you can bring your GORGEOUS son home soon!!!!!!!

MC and Jack's JjaJja Amy

Anonymous said...

Hello Isabelle.
I am sorry it is so hard for you to get the birthcertificate, I don't quite understand it though, where is Paul that usually helps us there? Ask for him, you can tell him I said Hi, he liked me for some reason. He was very, very helpful everytime I needed something.
Take care, I am so jaloux that you are there. :) tell Brian I miss him.

isabelle said...

Everything that goes to Paul now has to go through another lady - the one causing is all grief.