Tuesday, 15 July 2008

what a little poser...

If you are wondering why he is making a funny face, it's because he is saying 'cheese' for the camera!

Still not moved in!! surprise, surprise!! I am getting pretty fed-up now, the whole reason I left the UK 2 months before starting work was in order to spend those 2 months in my 'house' - (I'm going to nickname it 'the shed'!) They told me last week, to come and decide where I wanted a doorway to be knocked through, well it's not like the wall is long enough for it to matter where the doorway should go, and when I got there anyway they had started knocking it down already. So now I have to wait for them to finish painting it. So they said this Thursday or Friday - I'm
not getting my hopes up again.

Before I can start working on a passport for Nathanial or legal guardianship I have to get him a birth certificate. So yesterday I went with the social worker for the babies home to the police station to get some papers signed by the officers who saw Nathanial when he was first brought there. Then today we went to the Town Hall to get the first part of the birth certificate - they told us to come back tomorrow as the town clerk was in a meeting. Being at the police station was rather strange - its a very old and dilapidated building. The female police officers seemed very stern and I wouldn't want to get on their bad side! The walls were lined with old posters warning people against intragenerational sex, child labour, homosexuality, child abuse amongst other things. They are quite funny to look at as they have the most hilarious cartoons and slogans.

I looked at Nathanial's medical book yesterday where they document his weight. Since he first came he weighed 10.2 kg, in nearly one whole year his weight has gone down to 8.2 and at its highest 12.4 - which he currently is at the moment - so not a lot of growing.

He still eats like an orphan - never gets full - even if his belly looks like its going to pop! He stuffs food into his mouth barely chewing what he's eating! He used to throw a fit if he dropped so much as a grain of rice on the floor, and I obviously didn't let him pick it up and eat it - but he doesn't do that any more - thankfully! If he sees some food on the ground that has been there maybe a week - he will still try to pick it up and eat it! I am definitely going to have to get this kid de-wormed!! I also brought a years supply of kids chewable vitamins.

thats it for today

love and hugs from Mama Nathanial and Nathanial

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