Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Here I am writing from Uganda.
I am once again with my son!

Many of you have asked about our first reunion -- how it went --well, I don't know if you remember reading how I pictured our reunion to be - well I'm not going to lie to you - it was disappointing...Nathanial was sat on the porch eating his lunch with all the other children, I said 'hi' to him, hugged him, kissed him, told him I loved him, told him I missed him, he just carried on eating, merely glimpsing at me. He then went off to get changed and have a nap. I had to go to town, to get some stuff done, and so I returned to the babies home, after they had woken from their nap. I walked in through the gates, unable to find him, a volunteer came over with him in her arms. I took him from her, saying 'Nathanial, how are you?', 'I am fine.' he replied. We spent the rest of the afternoon cuddled together on the lawn. Obviously, I was expecting a little apprehension and distance, however I wasn't expecting it to last a mere few hours!

I am so excited to be with Nathanial again - I love this kid so much! I am excited to get my accommodation sorted, so we can move in asap.

Nathanial hasn't grown an inch I'm sure!! He still fits in 18months! So all the 2-3 years clothes I bought him are gigantic - at least I have enough clothes to last him a good few years. His language has come along in leaps and bounds - his English and Lugandan are really coming along well. He appears to be potty trained - although they have different concepts of potty trained over here! They just put them in pants when they are still too young to potty train let alone understand!! So, I'm going to have to work on that with him. He has lost some of his big belly - which leaves some excess skin! But with some de-worming pills and a good, balanced and nutritional diet he will soon be sorted.

Well, I will try and post pictures in a few days!!

I went to the school today - to visit my possible accommodation! It's pretty small - about the size of a bathroom! Although I will be able to fit two beds in there. I have the whole school available to use though - so it wont be too bad, plus its free! It means going outside to use the toilet - which I'm not overly thrilled about! I will hopefully move into the accommodation sometime next week - as they just need to knock a space through to make a doorway between the two rooms. I start work on September 8th I think - the school also runs a summer club - so I will take Nathanial there to get him used to it.


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jena said...

We'll be praying as you settle in! So glad you are together again.