Saturday, 8 March 2008

A good and safe job....

I have decided to be very organised this year (a first for me I must say!)and start throwing things away and packing things up ready for when I leave - the normal Isabelle would leave everything to the last minute - but since this is such a big move - I thought some planning ahead wouldn't hurt.

Anyway, I was looking through a folder with some school work and stumbled across this test essay, the question posed was: Would you personally be ready to give up "a good safe job for an uncertainty?2 Give your reasons. My response was:

Life is full of uncertainties! Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Leaving "a good safe job for an uncertainty" implies perhaps leaving behind one's native country, or one's hometown in order to start a new life somewhere else. Indeed, the essence of the American Dream is leaving behind everything that is dear and starting life from scratch, in hope of finding fortune. Yet, in this case one leaves behind a job where one is presumably well paid, where one feels comfortable amongst one's colleagues and with one's superiours. It also means compromising a good future within the same job and perhaps even putting an end to a future promotion or pay-rise. One must also run the risk of losing friends, and possibly never being able to settle down again.

Indeed the rejection of "a good safe job for an uncertainty" poses a number of serious problems and risks. The biggest aspect is perhaps having to give up a nice, comfortable life, for a life where one is unsure about where to live, how much one will be paid, how well one will settledown, or how long one will be employed or what one will do once it's over and where onw will go, and the possibility of returning home.

Personally I hope to be able, if the oppportunity arises, to leave everything behind in order to do something which corresponds to my dreams and my idea of happiness, and if I have thought long and hard about it, I can say without a moments hesitation that I would do it. I don't want to have to look back on my life with regret. If I had a good, safe well-paid job yet I was unhappy I would, without a doubt, leave everything behind for an uncertainty - in search of happiness.

I feel that I am leaving a good, safe job behind. I have been at my workplace for several years now and I feel very happy and comfortable there (apart from the odd day here and there!), and compared to many nurseries it is a fantastic place to work, where kids are well looked after and staff are appreciated and treated decently. I will be sad - very sad to leave. It's the first 'real' job that I have had, and I find it hard to believe that I will find another job as good as this one - where the staff are great, management is good, and where standards are very high and of course a job with 2 weeks off at Christmas! I will be sad to say goodbye to the many fantastic people I have met there, however I hope that I will remain in contact with them. Thanks to everyone there for their support, for their friendship and for putting up with me!

And of course, I hope that my next job in Uganda will be as good as this one!

I feel at unease about leaving my comfort zone - my happy little world will soon be in for a rollercoaster ride as I embark on this long and difficult journey! Indeed, I will be entering a new world, with many uncertainties and hardships. I will undoubtedly be lonely at times and wish that I could share the joyful and the sad times with my friends and family. I wish that my friends and family could have an input in Nathanials little life - that he could learn from them and realise how much he is loved and treasured and not just by me! Boy - I will be so excited to introduce him to family and friends and when that time comes we will treasure it all the more.
The wait will be long - but it will be all the more worthwhile!

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