Thursday, 24 January 2008

How am I going to do this? Everything seems to be standing against me! I don't understand why people make it so hard to adopt kids from overseas. I understand that checks have to be made, that we don't want kids ending up in the wrong hands. I get all that, I really do...but at the same time, we are robbing so many kids of love, of security, of hope. These kids deserve better than what they are being offered. I mean our country seems to be letting in illegal immigrnats - without so much as batting an eye-lid, but when it comes to giving a kid a better life -they just seem unwilling to do it.

No-one seems to have any answers to my questions, no-one seems to want to help me...I guess I'm in this alone!
Do I have to do a home-study? No-one seems to know.
Can I bring Nathanial to England on holiday? No one seems to know.
What do I need to do in regards to immigration. NO-ONE KNOWS!!!!!!!

I guess I need to trust God more.
I know that because this is his plan for me and for Nathanial - that I need to trust in Him more - He knows the way - He knows what I need to do - He knows the answer to all my questions - I need to trust in Him more.

No-one said that this is going to be easy -God didn't say Isabelle I am going to make this a walk in the park for you, Gods will will be accomplished but in His way and in His time. I need to be patient and trusting. I need to look to Him for guidance, for reassurance, for peace. With that God will be my strength he will be the answer.

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